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GravelMan, what is it?

A challenge to overtake on mythical OnRoad or OffRoad tracks. The GravelMan allows you to get back to basics during an event, a few dozen hours when time stands still. All cycling, Ultra Endurance and Bikepacking enthusiasts are welcome.  

From beginners to experienced cyclists, everyone will find what they are looking for: freedom, adventure and overtaking. 


A road version and a Gravel version, only one distance (350km approximately).  

"Start with the legs, finish with the mental"

Principle of the GravelMan Series Terres Noires:

An edition with magnificent landscapes in the black marl badlands, characteristic of this region of Digne. A fun and physical course made of roller coasters on both courses: singles, D + and the sun of the south of France will make this edition a memorable memory!  


Principle of the GravelMan Series: a few days before departure you will receive the map as well as a manifesto which contains the various addresses or locations of the 10 checkpoints where you will have to take a selfie in front of the monument / location to justify your passage.


We promise you an original, adventurous map and surprises on arrival!  


Two formats: Gravel or Road of just under 350 kilometers each. Everyone has their own speed. Everyone has their own pleasure.


Possibility of taking the start as a duo on a separate classification.

Many rewards on arrival.



- An extraordinary Gravel or Road adventure

- A GravelMan Terres Noires # 1 Limited Edition Cycling Cap

- GPS tracker, dedicated to security and live tracking

- Live-tracking platform

- Race manual with GPS track

- Checking of equipment before departure

- Race briefing with all participants

- Photographs of professionals available immediately after the test

- An order of arrival after the tests


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Capture d’écran 2021-03-01 à 07.33.10.
GravelMan Series - Paris-Deauville 2021: Edition # 1
GravelMan Series - Paris-Deauville 2021: Edition # 1
Sep 13, 2024, 6:00 AM – Sep 15, 2024, 1:00 PM
Paris, France


Return to the very essence of cycling on legendary routes.  


The GravelMan  allows you to get back to basics for the duration of a test, a few dozen hours where  time is suspended.

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