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GravelMan, what is it?

A challenge to overcome - mythical OnRoad or OffRoad tracks. The little surprise of the end of the year for all fans of cycling, Ultra Endurance and Bikepacking.

From beginners to experienced, everyone will find what they are looking for: freedom, adventure and surpassing your limits.

A road version and a Gravel version, a single distance (around 350km) on the roads of Auvergne in central France

"Start with the legs, finish with the mental"

Image de Annie Spratt

Principle of the GravelMan Series Auvergne  :

Auvergne, its culture, its history. You will be immersed in the heart of an adventurous and exciting Massif Central. Crossing mountain  passes, single tracks, climbing, and fun in an absolutely surprising territory  !  


Principle of the GravelMan Series: a few days before departure you will receive the map as well as a manifesto which contains the various addresses or locations of the 10 checkpoints where you will have to take a selfie in front of the monument / location to justify your passage.


We promise you an original, adventurous map and surprises on arrival!  


Two formats: Gravel or Road - just under 350 kilometers each. Everyone has their own speed. Everyone finds their own pleasure.

Possibility of starting as a duo in a separate classification.

Many rewards on arrival.



- An extraordinary Gravel or Road adventure

- A GravelMan Auvergne # 1 Limited Edition Cycling Cap

- GPS tracker, dedicated to security and live tracking

- Live-tracking platform

- Race manual with GPS track

- Checking of equipment before departure

- Race briefing with all participants

- Photographs of professionals available immediately after the test

- A classification after the tests



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Niveau de difficulté

GravelMan Series - Paris-Deauville 2021: Edition # 1
GravelMan Series - Paris-Deauville 2021: Edition # 1
Sep 13, 2024, 6:00 AM – Sep 15, 2024, 1:00 PM
Paris, France


Return to the very essence of cycling on legendary routes.  

The GravelMan series allows you to get back to basics for the duration of a test, a few dozen hours where  time is suspended.

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